Get Rid Of Foul Smell Of Your Carpets | 10 Tips

Is your carpet having the foul smell of a pet or any other things? In such cases, you need to get rid of the foul smell of your carpets by following some useful and effective tips. So, these 10 tips mentioned below are effective for leaving your carpets fresh and bad smell free-

  1. Use vinegar warm water mixture

If you are looking for a way to remove bad odors from your carpets then you can try using vinegar solution. This is an effective way to get rid of the foul smell of your carpets such as the musty smell and pet odor. For this, you need to use a generous amount of white vinegar to prepare a solution. 

  1. Do vacuum cleaning

Make sure you are doing vacuum cleaning of your carpet at least once a week. This will help in removing all the pollen and dust from your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.

  1. Sun dry

One of the best ways to get rid of the foul smell of your carpets is to keep your carpet in the sun. This helps in absorbing any sort of spills and removing the foul smell. This works perfectly if your carpet has a musty odor which means there is water or humidity absorption in the carpet.

  1. Baking soda

If you’re still having a foul smell from your carpet then you must try using baking soda. Baking soda acts as a neutralizer. The good thing is that baking soda is safe for pets as well as people. 

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Mix ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide with a half cup of warm water and prepare a solution for it.  Now, put this solution in a spray bottle and then spray gently all over your carpet. You can do this even after vacuuming your carpet. 

  1. Use club soda

Club soda is also effective in removing certain sorts of smells from the carpets.

  1. Foam carpet shampoo

If you are experiencing some bad odor from your carpet then you should try foam carpet shampoo. This solution is specially designed for carpets so you can apply it on the carpet to get a fresh fragrance.

  1. Spray essential oil

No doubt, these oils are great for the removal of musty and foul smells from the carpet. Just spray a few drops of essential oil on the carpet.

  1. Call professionals

If you’re not able to get rid of the foul smell from your carpet then call professional carpet cleaning services in Mosman

  1. Try water and lemon mixture

Lemon has refreshing properties that help to remove bad odor from the carpets. For this, you need to make a mixture of lemon juice and water. Spray this mixture on the carpet to get a fresh citrusy fragrance. In this way, you can find easy & simple carpet cleaning tips.


The foul and musty smell from carpets can be removed using these above mentioned tips. So, try these tips to get rid of the foul smell of your carpets immediately.