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    Recent Blog Posts

    Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

    Easy & Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

    If your carpet has stains, clean it properly. You can use a spoon or sharp knife to carefully scrape the food as it spills. Then put a towel on it and wipe the stain. Oil stains are also very difficult to remove from the carpet. Like the dawn of a glass of water, using a […]

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    Get Rid Of Foul Smell Of Your Carpets | 10 Tips

    Is your carpet having the foul smell of a pet or any other things? In such cases, you need to get rid of the foul smell of your carpets by following some useful and effective tips. So, these 10 tips mentioned below are effective for leaving your carpets fresh and bad smell free- Use vinegar […]

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    The 8 Worst Mistakes Carpet Cleaning Strategy Rookies Make—and How To Avoid Them

    1. Extra scrubbing Your carpet’s delicate fibres may become twisted and untwisted, causing the carpet to fray. It may also push dirt and dust deeper into the fibres, making cleaning them even more difficult. What should we do instead? Scrubbing with a brush is far harsher than blotting with a sponge or cloth. It is […]

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